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Peer-reviewed Articles

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Williamson, J. L. & C. C. Witt. Elevational niche-shift migration: Why the degree of elevational change matters for the ecology, evolution, and physiology of migratory birds. 2021. Ornithology 138 (2): 1-26. (open access) *Editor's Choice & Finalist for the Wesley Lanyon Award

McNew, S. M., L. N. Barrow, J. L. Williamson, S. C. Galen, H. Skeen, S. G. DuBay, A. M. Gaffney, A. B. Johnson,  E. Bautista, P. Ordoñez,  C. Jonathan Schmitt, A. Smiley, T. Valqui,  J. M. Bates, S. J. Hackett, & C. C. Witt. 2021. Contrasting drivers of diversity in hosts and parasites across the tropical Andes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118: 12 e2010714118. PDF. News coverage: UNM Newsroom, Twitter thread, Field Museum press release.

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2011 & earlier

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Beckman, E. J., & C. C. Witt. 2015. Change South American siskins from the genus Sporagra to the genus Spinus. Proposal 675 to the South American Checklist Committee (SACC).

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